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Reduction Sheer Strand Pelletizers

For more than 90 years, Maag has been renowned as a supplier of gear pumps of the highest quality that are used today for conveying polymer melts, chemicals and even lubricants. Thanks to our many years of process experience, we are able to adapt our pumps perfectly to our customers' requirements, achieving the best possible degree of effectiveness, the longest possible service life for the pumps and the shortest downtime possible for your systems. We also supply the equipment needed for filtration in all areas of plastics manufacturing and processing. Constantly-running development processes improve these filtration units, thereby contributing towards the satisfaction of customers, consumers' expectations and quality requirements.Take a look at the below recommendations to help choose the best product for your needs:


Strand Number / Rate (pounds per hour) Pelletizer Series
3 Strands/50lbs. SGS 25-E4
8 Strands/200lbs. SGS 50-E4
16 Strands/500lbs. Bullet 64
24 Strands/1200lbs. SGS100-E6    |    T206    |    Bullet 66
40 Strands/2500lbs. SGS200-E6    |    T208    |    S3508
60 Strands / 2500lbs. SGS300-L    |    T212    |    S3512
80 Strands/6,000lbs SGS400-L    |    T216    |    S3516
140 Strands/10,000lbs. S3520
160 Strands/15,000lbs. SGS600-L    |    S3524
180 Strands / 20.000lbs. SGS800-L


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10 Products for: Strand Pelletizers

SGS 25-E4

The extremely compact and robust lab pelletizer SGS 25-E4 is based on the proven technology of the SGS E-series. It features many of the functions and advantages of its popular 'big brother'. On a laboratory scale, real full-scale trials can be carried out with the SGS 25-E4. Two independently-controllable drives permit infinitely adjustable length of the pellets.

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SGS 50-E4

The several hundred SGS-E plastic pelletizers already in continuous use are proof of the quality and cost effectiveness of these machines. The entire range of thermoplastics is pelletized, from soft rubber-like to brittle, fragile, high-density and glassfiber reinforced thermoplastics. The machines are designed for extreme working conditions in 3-shift operations and have an appropriately robust construction. The ideal balance between price and performance has always been our prime objective.

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Bullet Series

By preserving the cutting geometry of the Conair-style Model 304 pelletizer and merging the innovative features found in the Scheer “E-Series” plastic pelletizers, the Bullet Series has emerged. Using these two proven market leaders in the base design we have a pelletizer that is easier and faster to clean and service. Designed for 24/7 operation, this unit is ideally suited for both laboratory and production users. The tool-less removable In-feed & Discharge Chutes makes this plastic pelletizer desirable for compounders that have multiple material change overs several times a shift.

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SGS 100 / 200 / 300-E6

More than thousand machines in operation: The cantilvered pelletizers of the SGS-E series demonstrate their quality under roughest production conditions - and that since beginning of the 1980's. A sturdy and sophisticated design as well as many technical details for improved accessibility when cleaning and/or changing products reduce unproductive downtime and make the SGS-E the preferred pelletizer for production of Masterbatches and small lots. The improved cutting geometry extends the production range especially when processing soft, elastic and very brittle materials.

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SGS 200-L / SGS 300-L / SGS 400-L

The SCHEER Series Pelletizer was developed and engineered for the production of thermoplastic pellets. Its compact design, anti-flyback cutting chamber and precision machine components are just a few of the reasons that make the SCHEER Pelletizer a unique combination of economical operation, long service life, at the highest quality and throughput.

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SGS 600-L / SGS 800-L / SGS 1000-L

The SGS series pelletizers are a development of the SCHEER company. The robust design, in conjunction with outstanding workmanship, makes the SGS series a top quality product in pelletizing technology. Some of the practical features which characterize these machines are dual-shell design, forced cutting of all strands, bearings outside the cutting area, variable speed drive. Series production of the individual elements facilitates a wide variety of combinations such that the SGS can be assembled to suit any individual application.

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T200 Series

The T200 Series Strand Pelletizer has been designed to substantially reduce maintenance and cleaning time. What would typically take 30 minutes to disassemble now takes only 2 minutes. Hand knobs and a pivoting feedroll assembly “tip” forward for access to the lower feedroll and bed knife for easy cleaning and adjustment.

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S3000 Pultrusion Series

New extrusion technology is helping compounders of long fiber reinforced materials reach faster line speeds. Reduction Engineering Scheer was asked to specifically design a plastic pelletizer for better strand control and improve the pellets' shape and cut quality. Traditionally, pultrusion pelletizers were fed strands by a belt puller only. The S3000 Series has been fitted with a front end feedroll mechanism. Coupled with the puller, the feedrolls ensure the strand control necessary for pellet accuracy and quality.

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S3500 Series

The S3500 Series Strand Pelletizer has been engineered to provide easy, tool-less entry into the stainless steel cutting chamber. The “Slide” Series pelletizers are designed to substantially reduce maintenance and cleaning time. The front section of these plastic pelletizers is mounted on a linear slide mechanism allowing access into the cutting chamber. Maintenance and cleaning of the feedrolls, doctor blade and bed knife are quick and easy.

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Model JV Air Knife Series

Designed for 24/7 operation and very low noise levels, this vacuum strand dryer has been recognized by many compounders as the preferred method for drying strands. Built on a compact frame the JV series air knife has proven itself as a very effective method of drying strands utilizing vacuum only. Each model has a cantilevered vacuum strip that can be positioned and placed anywhere along the water bath to draw the water off the strands as they exit the water. This takes up less floor space and maximizes the efficiency while utilizing the heat of the strands to expel surface moisture that results in drier polymer entering the pelletizer. A stainless steel cyclone continuously separates the water from the air stream and the water exits to a drain port. The JV head assembly is designed to positively separate and support the strands before and after the suction bar. When placed at the end of the water tank these units can be outfitted with an optional drip tray. This tray collects the dripping water and returns the water back to the water tank. To further increase water savings, a sump pump can be installed to pump the water from the drain to the water bath.

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