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SGS 25-E4

Strand Pelletizer

The extremely compact and robust lab pelletizer SGS 25-E4 is based on the proven technology of the SGS E-series. It features many of the functions and advantages of its popular 'big brother'. On a laboratory scale, real full-scale trials can be carried out with the SGS 25-E4. Two independently-controllable drives permit infinitely adjustable length of the pellets.

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Some of the many benefits of the SGS 25-E4 Strand Pelletizer are:

  • For 1:1 production trials in the laboratory
  • Steplessly variable pellet length (0,5 – 12 mm)
  • Access possible to the cutting chamber without using tools
  • Parts subject to wear easily changed: rotor, upper and lower feed rolls
  • Completely accessible for simple visual inspection and cleaning
  • Maintenance-free bearing

Technical Data

SGS 25
Working Width 25 mm
Drive Power 0,75 kW
Max. # of strands 4
Strand Speed 5,3 - 30 m/min
Throughput 30 kg/h
Cutting Edges bed knife 8
# of teeth cutter rotor 2, 4, 6, 12
Max. RPM of cutter rotor 1000 UPM / RPM
Noise Level 75 - 80 dB (A)

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Strand Pelletizer SGS 25-E4