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S3000 Pultrusion Series

Strand Pelletizer

New extrusion technology is helping compounders of long fiber reinforced materials reach faster line speeds. Reduction Engineering Scheer was asked to specifically design a plastic pelletizer for better strand control and improve the pellets' shape and cut quality. Traditionally, pultrusion pelletizers were fed strands by a belt puller only. The S3000 Series has been fitted with a front end feedroll mechanism. Coupled with the puller, the feedrolls ensure the strand control necessary for pellet accuracy and quality.

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Reduction offers 3 different S3000 Pultrusion Series Strand Pelletizers: 3016, 3024, and 3032.
Below are some benefits of our S3000 Pultrusion Series:

  • Unique Rotor Design for Maximum throughputs
  • Wide Feed Entrance
  • Insulated sound hood optional
  • Stainless Steel contact areas
  • Tool-less entry
  • Air Actuated Upper Feedroll
  • Dual drive optional
  • Designed per customer application

Technical Data

Specifications 3016 3024 3032
Rotor Diameter 12" (305 mm)
Rotor Width (Nominal) 16" (406 mm) 24" (610 mm) 32" (812 mm)
Feed Width (Nominal) 16" (406 mm)  24" (610 mm) 32" (812 mm)
Motor Size (AC Variable Speed) 30 HP (22.37 kW) 40 HP (29.83 kW) 60 HP (44.74 kW)
Strand Ratings
(1/8" or 3 mm Diameter)
40 60 80
Standard Rotor Speed Based on Application
Solid Carbide Bolt On Rotor 4, 6, 8, 12
Dual Drive Optional
Wear Package
(for abrasive materials)

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S3000 Pultrusion Series